Karma Yoga

Do Karma Yoga
There are many ways to find your true self. Karma Yoga is selfless service and one of the four paths to purify both heart and mind. It is the yoga of action which allows for self-fulfillment by serving others. In this process, you find love and appreciate its meaning with new depths; and in achieving that you experience Joy. Karma Yoga, as per our Hindu philosophy, is pursued without expectation of any reward or reciprocity. Faith is reposed in the notion that an altruistic deed, belied by love and kindness, can never fail. Additionally, you gain spiritual progress with the noble endeavor.

No help, no sewa is small. All our trainees spend a minimum of half a day connecting and devoting time to Karma Yoga. This gets you in touch with your desire to serve others and derive both peace and pleasure from it.

A little help goes a long way. Yoga Sadhna India gives part of its earnings, time and resources to underprivileged children, widowed mothers and the dis-abled children twice a year, without fail. We do it as a selfless act, without an eye to promotion or publicity.

We also connect senior citizens who wish to contribute their time knowledge and experience in tutoring children who cannot afford to get that special help. Over the years, we have helped a minimum of 114 children, all of whom have benefited immensely from our commitment to Karma Yoga.


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