Know Thyself with Yogic Philosophy

Duration: 6 days and 5 nights

Yoga Sadhna India offers a special Spirituality and Philosophy Retreat for the serious yogis and scholars who wish to go beyond asanas and delve into the origins of six Indian philosophies, including the yogic science. Aside from the theory itself, this course helps you understand your own mind, your personality, your samskara and how they shape your outlook on life. It is a veritable guide map for resolving afflictions which may be keeping you away from self-realization and the happiness you deserve. Simply put, our program shows you how to control the force of urges which shape your life.

At the very outset, we will help you understand the basic precepts of Indian Yogic philosophy, its varied perspectives and how it differs from western philosophy. An extensive manual with four detailed sections will enlighten you about the concept of Samadhi and how one can achieve it. It is an informative must-read for Yoga professionals and others alike. Patanjali Yoga Sutra , a masterpiece that assimilates diverse aspects of yogic philosophy, this timeless piece of work is what we aim to help you conquer and understand. We make this complex text simple by having English–speaking, learned swamis and yogic scholars explain it to you in lucid terms. The serene, spiritual environs of Rishikesh – the Indian Land of Yoga and Rishis – will anoint this exchange of ideas with a suitably divine ambience.

This Retreat will enrich your understanding of the yogic science and it covers the following areas of study:

Highlights of this Yogic Retreat

      • History and life of Rishis
      • Details of Vedic periods
      • Yogic philosophy and Yogic Science
      • Patanjali yoga sutras
      • How yoga science defines your mind, personality and shapes it.
      • Difference between yogic philosophy of the East and West.
      • The state of yoga today and its evolution from the past
      • Yogic lifestyles
      • Theory of Mantras
      • One outings
      • Gift bag
      • Satvik Meals, and two tea sessions.

Why Join Us

This Retreat will help you get a deeper and more comprehensive insight into why and how yoga helps, how it originated and what the Godfather of yoga, Maharishi Patanjali, wrote in his instructive Sutras. For anyone harboring a desire to acquire in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field, YSI’s Spirituality and Philosophy Retreat is the way to go!

Sample Schedule

7.00 am – Traditional Pranayama class
8.00 am – Hatha Yoga Asana class
9.15 am – Breakfast
11.0 am – Theory of philosophy and spirituality
1.00 pm – Lunch
4.00 pm – Theory class
5.00 pm – Tea
5.30 pm – Meditation class
6.30 pm – Mantra chanting.
7.30 pm – Dinner


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