Naturopathy & Weight Loss Retreats

Urban lifestyles take a toll on our physical and mental health. Today, our immunity and constitution stands compromised, and we our heavily dependent on inorganic sources for sustained wellbeing. Our Naturopathy and Weight Loss Retreat will take you back to the age-old, natural means of healing and invigorate you from within. A combination of Ayurvedic precepts and naturopathic practices will undo the damages a polluted city environment, unhealthy eating and poor lifestyle have inflicted upon you. We use a combination of techniques including hydrotherapy, mudtherapy, yoga and meditation, steam baths, massages and dietary modifications, all of which target different aspects of fitness. In the process, your body will be cleansed of toxins and excess fat while the mind will be purged of sorrow and negativity. Achieving so much in a span of 6 days will restore your confidence in the power of the Natural – something you will benefit from, all your life. So, no more lists, to dos and resolutions. Act Now.

Highlights – Naturopathy & Weight Loss Retreat

    • Awareness: Our course offers you deep insight into Ayurvedic and other naturopathic philosophies, all of which rely on self-curative proclivities of the human mind and body. You will be exposed to various kinds of organic remedial foods, lotions and potions.
    • Experience: You will get individual attention through the course of the Retreat. A medical check-up and general assessment of dietary habits will be taken, based on which, a specialized schedule will be prepared for you.
    • Therapy: We want you to go back as a happier, healthier person. We thus teach you methods of relaxation, healthy eating and natural healing which you can implement in your daily life. Our Retreat will have a therapeutic effect on your mind and body that lasts a lifetime.
    • Recreation and Fun: At YSI, we like the overall experience to be remedial and therapeutic, alongside being highly fun-filled. So we leave you enough time to enjoy your own way, explore the local countryside and revel in the serenity and picturesque beauty of Rishikesh.
    • We are not a weight loss clinic, but by adopting these healthy cleansing practices, we assure, you will lose weight and a weight of your mind.

Naturopathy and Weightloss Retreat offers

The Naturopathy and Weight Loss Retreat will equip you will knowledge and experience in self-improvement, using only natural, organic substances. This will bring you one step closer to the unending human quest for a healthy body and mind. To keep you focused on this journey, we will also give you lifetime membership to the YSI family and access to our exclusive blogs and newsletters. We thus invite you to join us and benefit from the 3 R’s we promise – Rejuvenate, Relax, Recharge.


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