Know the Body, Perform Better

Duration: 3 Days for twenty hours.

This Retreat is for teachers in yoga field who can master the precepts of yoga anatomy with three days of intensive hatha yoga training. Our course will add to your understanding of how the body moves, muscles function, ligaments stretch and much more. This special workshop has been designed carefully with easy-to-follow terminology in simple English terms, away from complexities of Latin vocabulary. Through the medium of our lucid, precise instruction, yoga professionals will become better acquainted with human anatomy andd applied physiology of yoga asanas. Participants will gain much confidence and can appropriately guide their future students.
These courses will be taught by a team of experienced teachers who are experts in physiology and anatomy. A combination of written and verbal demonstration, combined with tools of visual media will allow for optimal assimilation in all trainees.

Highlights of this retreat

  • Knowledge of the skeletal system.
  • Special emphasis on spine health.
  • Teach you anatomical terminology.
  • Major bones, joint structure and its functions.
  • Safe range of motion for muscles and joints in body.
  • Muscular terminology and systems and its response to movements.
  • Core group, shoulders, thoracic, pelvic, hips and quads.
  • Muscle groups used for different asanas.
  • Yoga’s benefits in prevention of injuries.
  • Techniques to deepen poses.
  • Alignment techniques for major asanas.
  • Gain understanding of the movement basics vis-a-vis joints systems.
  • Understand individual physical limitations and uniqueness.
  • Enough time will be allowed for physical applications and practice.

Why Join Us

This Anatomy Workshop for Yoga Teachers will help professionals in enhancing their knowledge-base, thus facilitating more effective instruction to students. Our attempt at YSI is not just to extend the benefits of yogic practice to others directly, but also help yoga professionals hone and refine their skills, further deepening the impact of yoga coaching.


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