Pre Natal yoga, Pregnency Yoga

For: Yoga Professionals nurses, midwives, doctors
Duration: Three days, two nights.

Childbirth and motherhood are extremely joyous experiences. However the reality is the mother endures many difficulties and adjustments for 9 months to bring a bundle of joy in this world. Pre Natal Yoga help woman’s body  to undergo changes easy as a new life takes space in her body, Yoga prenatal therapy and specific asanas can make this passage comfortable and easy for mothers to be.

At our Prenatal Training Retreat, we teach yoga professionals how to instruct women who are expecting a new baby, prenatal and post-natal Yoga therapy. This special workshops equips yoga practitioners to help future mothers in creating a fitter, healthier body, for their wellbeing and that of their unborn baby. The training focuses specific modules for each trimester. Also the post-natal therapy which is equally recommended to recover, spring back into shape post-delivery Not only this these exercises helps and aids in reducing postpartum depression. This training of yoga asanas which help facilitate smooth, complication-free delivery for mothers and for babies to be born healthy and these are what we teach the trainers who sign up for this Retreat.

Our carefully selected modules and circuit trainings will help yoga professionals pass in coaching pregnant women .The program is well designed, having been formulated under the guidance of doctors, gynecologist and therapist who specialize in this field.

Highlights of prenatal and post natal yoga training

          • Yoga asanas and modules to aid in conceiving , for people having difficulty.
          • Asanas modules designed for three trimester of pregnancy.
          • The exercise to make your baby healthy and disease free.
          • Asana to make normal natural delivery a strong possibility.
          • Post natal exercises to get you back in recovery and your normal shape.
          • Yoga Asana to alleviate problems such as Pelvic girdle pain, constipation, leg swelling, morning sickness and many more
          • Safety tips, diet , nutrition planning
          • Exercise to strengthen pelvic floor muscles.
          • Breathing techniques and other many techniques to avoid caesarian delivery.
          • Knowledge of Anatomy and physiology necessary for pregnancy.

Why Join Us

We, with our experience have discovered that mothers who practice yoga during and post pregnancy have an elevated experience of childbirth and recovery. Our Retreat will help yoga professionals extend this knowledge and wisdom to mothers-to-be, expanding the scope of their practice, while also assisting the birth of a child and the mother’s safety.


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