Satvik Spa and Detox Retreats

Vacations are meant to refresh and rejuvenate. Do you need another vacation to recharge from being too tired?  We have the answer.  Join and experience a vacation with recharges and brings goodness of health with satvik spa and detox. Melt away the exhaustion, cleanse your systems, nourish inside out. relax tired skin. Have some peaceful time for your tired mind and exhausted bodies. Go back healthy, recharged after rest from our retreats.  You will indulge in Satvik comforts such as therapeutic massages and spas, while also learning important means of self-care. You will learn the elusive secrets to healthy dieting and alternate healing. Most of all, you’ll have access to a lifestyle so far removed from the topicalities of urban life. The experience will transform you from within and beyond. When there are so many take-aways from an Ayurvedic Retreat, a simple vacation seems too passé, in comparison. This is true vacation.

Our hectic daily schedules leave us little time to concentrate on eating healthy or other forms of self-care. Naturally, the body bears the brunt of such negligence, leaving us tired, disease-prone and highly stressed. But if you could spare some time for our Satvik Spa and Detox Retreat, all this could change. Our program is designed to revitalize your mind and body by focusing on dietary changes and lifestyle modifications. In just few days time, your body will respond to the Satvik . Revitalizing your organs and digestive fires.

Satvik Spa and detox offers…

    • Guidance – Our Masters of Ayurveda will educate you about the five laws of nature (“panchbhutas”), thus aiding your understanding of the mind/body balance. This, combined with knowledge of doshas will allow you to structure a more wholesome lifestyle for yourself, beyond the pale of the Retreat as well.
    • Reformation – You will have the opportunity to transform your eating habits and diet to make them more healthy and nourishing.  Consultations with in-house Ayurvedic doctors, thus propelling your transformation into a fitter, stronger individual.
    • Relaxation – Our courses leave you enough to have fun and explore the quaint little township of Rishikesh. Take in the beautiful sceneries, enjoy the exotic birds and wildlife and indulge in local specialties like teas and spices. Aromatic herbal massages, which nobody can resist.
    • Recreation – Satvik spa guarantee you the most unique experience of Indian culture. You will get to enjoy the enchanting lamp ceremony on the bank of the Ganges. Paticipate in daily Satsangs and chanting. Learn chants, hymns and prayer songs. You can revel in the various sights, smells and memories that the lofty mountains of Rishikesh have to offer.

Satvik spa experience delivers

The benefit from the 3 R’s we promise – Rejuvenate, Relax, Recharge.

Experience of this Satvik Spa and Detox Retreat will give positive direction to your lifelong desire for a healthy mind and body. You will acquire a fresh perspective on the concept of healthy living. And to help you in this journey of self-improvement. We provide you lifetime exclusive membership to the YSI family and access to our exclusive blogs and newsletters.


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