Courses and Methodology

What kind of yogic training do you offer?

We have various kinds of courses relating to yogic practice, meditation and Ayurveda, of different durations and levels of intensity. You can choose a program that suits your purpose and if you need, we can help you make that choice. In brief, we offer 200, 300 hours of Yoga Teacher training and various retreats for your personal and professional development.

What is the purview of your course content?

Based on the particular course you choose to pursue, you will be offered training in either or a combination of several subjects. Primarily, we teach our students the three main forms of Yoga – Hatha Yoga, AsthangaVinayasa, and Props yoga – providing both theoretical and practical knowledge in lucid form. Alongside this, daily practice ofvaried meditative techniquesis a part of almost all our courses. Helping student’s perfect specialized breathing exercises is also one of our main prerogatives. We thus lay much emphasis on the practice of pranayama, both in regular course classes and separate time allocated for it.

It’s not just about practice however. We offer student access to theoretical knowledge relating to yogic and allied sciences as well. From specific aspects of yogic philosophy to extensive understanding of the human anatomy, we help you master it all. For holistic self-improvement, we introduce students to Ayurveda– the ancient Indian science of healing and wellbeing. Ayurvedic diet, remedies and detoxification allow students to further rejuvenate their mind, body and soul. Finally, for stimulation of all bodily elements, from veins and nerves to energy reserves, mudras, bandhas and mantras are also taught.

Do I need to have prior knowledge/experience in yoga or any other subject before signing up?

At YSI, our aim is to help you progress on your yogic journey. While it would helpful to us if you had some basic experience for 300 hours training about the theory and physical demands of yoga, it is in no way a prerequisite. If you are a complete novice, we will especially careful to ensure you keep pace with the course.

Do I need any prior level of experience/certification for a Yoga Teacher Training course?

As mentioned before, we do not expect any degree of prior knowledge or certification. We accept students of all levels of experience and cater to their specific needs.

How many students are present in a typical class?

We extend individual attention to all our students and thus have smaller classes. There are a maximum of 12-20 students in each group.

What kind of assessment scheme or exams do you conduct during courses?

Throughout the course, your progress is monitored by our instructors, based on responsiveness and performance in classes. Though we don’t hold any formal examination, as the course draws to an end, you’re asked to conduct teaching classes in the presence of a YSI instructor. Feedback and constructive criticism based on this class is the most effective assessment in our opinion. And it is provided on a weekly basis.

What certification do I receive once I have completed the course?

We award students who successfully complete a course with Yoga Alliance, USA certification. This denotes that you have successfully completed your designated yoga teacher training with Yoga Sadhna India.

Are the instructors certified and experienced?

All our instructors are certified teachers holding higher education degrees in their field of instructions and years of prior experience at training others in the same. You can rest assured that learning yoga under our teachers will give you a firm grasp of yogic precepts.

Reaching YSI

Which airport in India should I book my ticket to if I’m headed to YSI, Rishikesh?

There are four international airports in India, namely those at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkatta. Of these, the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, is the closest to Rishikesh. If you are coming directly to YSI, we would suggest you book a flight to Delhi and then travel to Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. You could also book an intercity cab from Delhi to Rishikesh and come straight to our center.

Do you offer any transport facility to/from Yoga Sadhna India?

Yes, we do offer transport facility to our trainees at both Delhi and Dehradun Airport. You will have to inform the staff before for any such requirement beforehand. Extra charges will be levied for the same. For further details regarding the same, kindly contact our management team at +91 9999172987. We are happy to help.

How do I reach Yoga Sadhna India if I’m not coming straight to Rishikesh after coming to India?

Yoga Sadhna India is well-connected to all of Indian via varied means of transport. You can avail the means of transportation that is most suitable for you and reach us with ease.

  • Airways- The closest Airport is Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun.
  • Railways- TheRailway station closest to Rishikeshis the HaridwarJunction train station. There you will find many buses and cabs running to Risikesh.
  • Roadways- There are multiple buses running to and from Rishikesh. Pick any that fits your schedule and services your location. Also, if there are no direct buses, you can opt for a bus to Deradun or Hardiwar, and from there board a bus to Rishikesh.

Do I need to get a VISA when visiting India to come to YSI?

Yes, you will require a Tourist VISA when coming to India. Please ascertain the latest procedures and application criteria from the concerned authorities at your place of residence.

What time of the day is more suitable to land or fly from the airport near Rishikesh?

Since we provide round the clock pick up facility, you can be sure to have an easy journey to YSI to or from the Dehradun Airport. This facility is with small extra cost. This can assure you that you will have a safe transit to our Yoga Shala.

If I want to explore nearby places as well, are there any means of transportation available for the same?

Yes, we at YSI, offer taxi services as well as scooty/bike-renting facilities to our trainees. You can travel to and explore nearby places using the same.

About Rishikesh

What are the places to visit in the city?

Rishikesh is a beautiful and fascinating town where you can enjoy many unique experiences. Yoga Sadhna India is strategically located to allow quick and easy access to many locales around the city including the PamarthNiketan Ashram, Neer Waterfall, Bettles Ashram, Maharishi Cave, LaxmanJhula, Tera Manzil Temple and Ganga Ghat. You can also enjoy the Ganga Aarti that takes place every day at the banks of the river.

Is Rishikesh a safe city?

Unfortunately, India does not enjoy the best reputation when it comes to safety. It has a reputation that de-motivates travellers but contrary to this image, Rishikesh is a very safe city. A homely little township with not much crowd and helpful locals, you will find the people welcoming & friendly. In fact, our students usually go out and explore the shops, places and sights on their own. Even women students typically face no safety issues and we have several of them living in Rishikesh permanently too. Crime is uncommon and Indians and foreigners coexist in harmony here.

What is the condition of drinking water in Rishikesh?

Yoga Sadhna India uses pure and safe drinking water in the preparation of meals and for drinking purposes as well. However, if you are out in a restaurant, it would be best to be careful. We would also not recommend that you drink water from the faucet or a free flowing spring. A good idea would be to carry a UV purifier with you which can be used to clean any water for drinking purpose. It’s a good investment and a great tool to carry around whenever you go on an adventurous trip.

What about medical care? Are there any good doctors in Rishikesh?

Yes, Rishikesh has good healthcare services available to all. Several reputed hospitals and doctors may be approached, if need be.

Is the area susceptible to diseases?

Those unaccustomed to the Indian weather and topography may face some problems adjusting easily. However, other than that, Rishikesh in particular is not known for high incidence of any diseases. It is a good idea to carry some basic medication kit nonetheless.

Do you suggest I use a mosquito repellent when in Rishikesh?

Yes, you may get a good mosquito repellent along when coming to India and use it whenever you step out. If you forget to do as much, you can buy a tube at the general stores here. Why take chances?

Should I be vaccinated against any diseases?

Yes, getting yourself vaccinated before visiting India is a good idea. Many of our previous students came vaccinated against Malaria, Japanese Encephalitis, Typhoid and Hepatitis. Even as we advise you to consider the same,Rishikesh does not fall under the high risk zone when it comes to Malaria or Japanese Encephalitis. However since we are not medical professionals, consulting a doctor in your country beforehand would be advisable.

Food and Accommodation

What kind of accommodation options are available at YSI?

There are two kinds of options available for our students. You can choose between a private accommodation or shared accommodation depending on your preference.

Can I stay for some extra days before or after my teacher training/retreat program?

Yes, that may be arranged on special request. We may offer you two or three days of extra residency before or after the course but we request you tell us in advance if you desire so.

What facilities are provided in the rooms?

The rooms at the ashram are big and spacious with adequate natural lighting and ventilation. You have an attached bathroom and several other facilities in your room including:

  • Hot and cold running water
  • Wi-Fi services most of the time

What are the rules regarding smoking, drinking, drugs or coming late?

We strongly discourage any such act withYSI’s premises. Also, as you will be the part of the detoxification program, we recommend you don’t indulge in smoking, drinking or drugs even outside the ashram. Any such act within the school premises will be considered illegal and strong action will be taken against the same. If on any special occasion you want to come in late, please inform the management as the school gate closes by 10.

What kind of food is served at Yoga Sadhna India?

Yoga Sadhna India is very careful about ensuring high dietary standards and quality of food. Ayurvedic food, which is light, nutritious and healthy, is prepared on a daily basis for the students. A wholesome diet with fruits, vegetables, Indian herbs, etc. is added to the meal plan for optimal health levels.

Do you have non-vegetarian options on the menu?

No, we do not offer non-vegetarian options.

Do you also offer vegan, gluten free options?

Yes. In cases where our students are unable to consume regular food, we do offer vegan or gluten free options. We do our best to accommodate your needs but you will have to inform us in advance.

Bookings and Payment

How should I book/reserve a seat and enrol for your courses?

YSI’s booking procedure is very simple and fuss-free. You may contact our management staff for the same either by filling in the enquiry form on the website and or calling on +91-9999172987 forgetting a telephonic booking done.

Do I have to pay the whole course fee at once or are instalment options available?

Typically, we charge a registration amount to book a seat beforehand and on your arrival, you have a few days in which to clear the remaining dues. But in some special cases, we do entertain the instalments option, which you will have to discuss with our management staff beforehand.

What all does the fee cover?

The fee includes almost everything (apart for personal expenses) from lodging to food for the duration of the course. So, the fee covers the following:

  • Accommodation
  • Three meals every day with tea and juice in between meals
  • Study material with books
  • Short excursion trips organized by us
  • All yoga education we impart during the course

Can I postpone my booking?

Once you have booked a seat with the minimum registration amount, you can take up the course anytime within one year at any location YSI has a center.

Can I transfer my booking in someone else’s name?

Unfortunately, no. We do not allow any booking to be transferred for security reasons.

In some unfortunate circumstance if I have to cancel my booking, will registration amount be returned to me?

We regret to inform you that the booking amount which you payinitially is a non-refundable.

What is the best time to opt for the 200-hour yoga teacher training?

Although our 200-hour yoga teacher training program is a complete course in itself, there is no specific time when it would be most suitable. Join us whenever you can, and you are sure to reap the benefits of it.

Which branch should I opt for?

Every place has its own charm. You can pick any place that you wish to explore and combine your yogic pursuit with touristy pleasures. Here are the hallmarks of the various places we have schools at:

  • Rishikesh- It is the yoga capital of the world which promises some stunning, serene environs, ideal for yoga and meditation.
  • Delhi – The bustling capital city of India, you can enjoy the numerous urban facilities and famous tourist sites here.
  • Goa – A beautiful beachy paradise, Goa offers to the perfect balance of meditative bliss and fun-filled experiences.

Rajasthan – The rich cultural heritage that abounds here will give you a taste of what India is really all about.

Do I have to bring something along with me?

Not really. Just a positive attitude and burning desire to learn. Some Yoga clothes, medicines and your favorite toiletries too. Most of this however can be bought here locally, too, and at very economical prices.

For other questions?Do not hesitate to write to us at or call us at +91-9999172987 and clear all your doubts.