Yoga and Creativity Retreat, Rishikesh, Delhi

Duration: 6 days 5 nights.

Yoga Sadhna India’s Art and Creativity Retreat are designed to spur your creativity. We help you think with your left brain, feel from your heart and create delightful masterpieces. During the course, carefully developed exercises are practiced in order to activate your third eye for creative art visualization. You can cultivate your own signature style for artwork. Our Retreat will guide you through a transformative process of painting and a journey of self-discovery where you learn to trust your intuition and paint from the soul. Combined with our yoga and meditation instructions, you will be able to reach higher realms of inner visualization. We take you to some breathtaking places in the mountains, near the river and Ghats, and other stimulating locales to help you get started on the canvas.

This Retreat is taught by an award winning artist and several assisting artists on our panel. They will guide you on how to integrate yogic practice with contemplative thinking for inspiring unique creative expression. The best part is, our course is suitable for people with all levels of skill in yoga or painting; no prior experience required here!
This Retreat will enrich your understanding of the yogic science and it covers the following areas of study:

Highlights of  Yoga, Art and Creativity Retreat

    • Two art classes daily; open open-air session and one studio class.
    • One yoga class every day.
    • 5 nights’ accommodation.
    • Ayurvedic, vegetarian satvik food
    • One gift bag.
    • Two outings for local sightseeing.
    • Evening satsang and mantra chanting

Join Us

We firmly believe that everyone can paint as long as their creative impulse is suitable stimulated. Our Yoga and Art Retreat will help you in exploring your artistic abilities by invigorating the left side of the brain. You will leave with not just some lovely masterpieces of your creation, but also the confidence that you too can paint.


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