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Prop Yoga allows it’s practitioners, regardless of their level, ability to form postures and gain all its benefits. Regardless of practitioners stiff body or physical condition, age or expertise, it offers amazing results to its followers. This style of Yoga is inspired by B. K. S. Iyengar yoga, who himself suffered his own medical issues in his young age and thus came up with his own style to facilitate his practice and to find a cure and healing. The central purpose for using yoga props is to address a need for support while extending, bending or forming an Asana. A prop is a supportive tool which helps when faced with obstacles on the mat and takes you towards your goal.

So we can say, yoga tools are used to support, enhance, or aid proper alignment to get in a posture. Props can include number of different objects such as foam blocks, wooden blocks, wedges, cloth, sand bags, straps, bands, blankets or bolsters, chairs, or even use of walls. To allow full extension of your spine in an upright form, while in an easy seated posture, a blanket or block could be utilized for height under the seat of your hip bone, which will help tilt the pelvic girdle forward thus reducing rounding in the lower back and aiding a nice extended spine in sitting posture.


Yoga Sadha India offers 200 hrs teacher training certificate in props yoga. We take our 200 hour Hatha Yoga course and adapt it along with Props usage. Transforming strategy is not a secret and we utilize, all the tools we can get.

    • Introduction of prop tools, their uses techniques, and implementation.
    • Techniques of alignment of a pose by prop tools.
    • Prop yoga with prop tool.
    • Ashtanga yoga with prop tools.
    • Partner or Acro yoga technique with props tool.
    • Impact of asanas on body with props, learn anatomy and physiology and the anatomical chances come with the help of props.

Prop Yoga Benefits

  • Props help practitioners of all levels to gain fineness of a pose, while receiving its benefits over time without overextending or hurting themselves.
  • By the use of props, one is able to get proper alignment.
  • It provides stability of the posture, necessary for going deeper into a pose.
  • Your practice of Prop Yoga will purify and balance your body and mind . You will get leaner body, your fats will get purified, and it will prepare you for higher level of practice and Meditation.
  • Your joint pains will be less and it will removes toxins and diseases from our internal body systems. By reducing inflammation in your body and help you in your concentration powers.
  • Helps you to awaken you kundalini, chakras and channel energy.

Prop Yoga Teacher Training Benefits

  • It allows students to practice Asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath control) with greater effectiveness, ease, and stability.
  • Allows one to understand yoga therapeutic help people with their problems.
  • Props help practitioners of all levels to gain fineness of a pose, while receiving its benefits over time without overextending or hurting themselves.
  • By the use of props, one is able to get proper alignment. It provides stability of the posture, necessary for going deeper into a pose.

It is highly suited for stiff bodies, beginners, and people with some handicaps. Not only this people who want to extend their postures for longer durations also uses props to get ‘siddhi” and enjoy its benefits, which without it are extremely difficult.


Authentic education, with quality and affordability.

Great emphasis on making you an effective, confident yoga teacher.

Suited suited for all level of Yoga experience or no experience.

Emphasis on proper Alignment, stability and accurate breathing.

Philosophical backing with each Asana.

Knowledge of Mudras and Bandhas, which links the Prop Yoga.

Advance level of pranayama practice benefitting you with control and refinement.

Specialized techniques for practicing meditation to channel your concentration.

Yogic applied anatomy and flexibility with accuracy .

Techniques of creating lesson plans for your teaching career

Extra knowledge of Acro yoga, prenatal yoga, and Yoga Therapy, geriatrics yoga.




05:45 am = Green Tea

06:00 am = Prayer

06:15 am – 07:15 am   = Prananyama

07:30 am – 09:00 am = Asana practice

09:00 am – 10:00 am = Breakfast

11:00 am – 12:00 pm  = Yogic anatomy

12:00 pm – 01:00 pm = Alignment

01:00 pm – 02:00 pm = Lunch

02:00 pm – 04:00 pm = Rest

04:00 pm – 05:30 pm = Asana Practice

05:30 pm – 06:00 pm = Tea break

06:00 pm – 07:00 pm = Philosophy

07:00 pm – 07:30 pm = Chanting, Meditation

08:15 pm = Dinner

Group size = Less than 14

Arrival = A day before the training date is highly suggested.


What our proud clients say

lawrence sadhna review

My experience at yoga sadhna indiawas wonderful. I joined yoga sadhna india for yoga teacher training for two months They are really amazing and wonderful teachers/Masters. Their teaching is great. I highly recommend this yoga school for yoga education.

Lawrence- Taiwan


My experience at yoga sadhna india was great. I felt very good , this is my first time I got yoga training certificate, they gave us good the training , training was not only not about our body but also the knowledge of the mind. I felt l my whole life has been changed. I think after this training I would have different and holy life.

Rechal, from Taiwan


Very good place to learn yoga. Join kapil ji yoga classes . they are great and join sadhna ji “s philosophy and anatomy class. They are great. Best school. I highly reccommedent this yoga school.

Himanshu- india


Yoga Sadhna India school which changed my life, Its education of yoga taught me a lot, I felt a great change in me after doing teachers training at Yoga Sadhna India.

Kay Carter


Yogi Acharya Kapil

Ashtanga, Hatha
Master Kapil, a Yogi, born and brought up in in the foothills of Himalayas, has been pursuing Yoga since childhood and teaching Yoga for the last six years. His students come to learn from him from different countries. At a young age he completed his Master’s degree in Yogic Science…

Dr. Sadhna

Phlosophy, Naturopathy
Dr. Sadhna has been teaching yoga for the last six years and has been a practicing Mind Body Psychotherapy for the last 20 Plus years, a licensed psychotherapist and a certified Yoga Alliance Instructor. She has dedicated her life educating and imparting lifestyle changes.

Acharya Mohan

Acharya Mohan is a qualified and competent yoga trainer practicing Hath Ashtanga yoga and has been sucessfully teaching in this field locally and internationally. I started yoga at the age of 15. I am regularly participating in a number of seminars and yoga festivals conducted all over the world.
Acharya Yogi Tilak - An Expert Yogi and Yoga Teacher

Tilak Ram

Mantra, Prop
A mystic soul and an experienced yogi, Yogi Tilak was born to teach yoga. A firm believer in the cosmos and the spiritual significance of the sound energy, he gained complete understanding of the Nada Yoga and has been preaching the same for many years.

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