What we offer in Ayurveda and Lifestyle Retreat

Satvika Spa & Detox Retreat

Satvika Spa & Detox Lifestyle Retreats

Ayurveda and Lifestyle Retreats – Know yourself.

With our Ayurveda and Lifestyle Retreats, we aim to broaden your understanding of healthy living. Ayurveda is a 5000 year old medical science, its principles  are based on the laws of nature, thus promoting optimal health through prevention and healing utilizing herbs and natural food. Our courses will help you identify your body types (doshas), learn how to pacify Doshas and improve your optimal health and achieve balance  both  in mind and body. Our experts will expose you to the wonders of naturopathy, organic detox and other Ayurvedic practices that can enhance your wellbeing and quality of life. A little bit of knowledge, health, yoga, massages, good wholesome food, and sightseeing- you get a 360 degrees of transformation.

Naturopathy Weight Loss Retreat

Naturopathy & Weight Loss Retreats

Detox and Weightloss by Naturopathy

Naturopathy Weight loss – With excessive processed food, we have overloaded our systems with the toxicity, chemicals which are undesired by our bodies. Naturopathy, a therapy which only utilizes natural elements to target your ailments, toxicity, and helps to cleanse and detoxify your systems and thus your body is able to heal and loose the unwanted fats and waste, one has been storing in our bodies. We use this natural ancient science to systemically cleanse with the diet and other naturopathic treatments and massages. Join our weight reduction program with natural ways and rejuvenate and give rest to your internal body, which it sorely needs from the overburdening of our urban lifestyles. Diet Yoga and therapy are all inclusive of this program.