Meet the Founder and CEO- Yoga Sadhna India

Sadhna Gupta Sadhna Gupta

To claim Yoga as one’s own estate in substance or in form is disturbing. Says the Founder Sadhna Gupta of Yoga Sadhna India. It’s knowledge, is available to all -for free. Found in India and written and scripted in ancient Hindu Scriptures, originating approximately 10000 years back- probably the first written book, offering philosophy with its practice manual- like no other. It is complete by itself. It was created, and improvised over time, by esteemed, learned, Rishis, who are neither on social media nor face book. Today, it’s aura is global.

Very few ancient knowledge tests true of time and continue to guide and heal human mankind. It behooves and awes me, that when nothing around us is same as 10000 years ago, the yogic science remains the same. It offers a road map to find happiness and contentment with self. If practiced, it catapults us out of current chaos, societal depression, psychological greenhouse, and trappings of consumerism. We are drowned by popular psychological theories and wannabe happy manuals, I say we have created our own labyrinths of wants and more wants. We are unhappy with what we have and we are discontent with what we want and don’t have.

Which part of you is your life?

The coordinates of your mind body and emotions are with you. You control that Steering Wheel. The most important relationship of yours is with your own-self. Yoga gives that control –unifying you with your true self and surprisingly your outer reality starts getting aligned. Yogic life adaptation becomes a GPS which gives you a direction to your inner source of being. Its fruits are sweet and infinite. It distills important from unimportant, like grain from its chaff, pearls from sea. Without discrimination or bias it offers rejuvenation, healing contentment to its pursuers, seekers and practitioners alike, No other science has done that and it merits withstands its test of time. This is the best evidence in its favor. Quad erat demonstrandum ! QED

“Atha Yogna Anushasanam.”

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