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3 days / 5 days / 10 days Meditation Retreat


River And Mountain  Meditation Retreat

Location : Rishikesh

Dates : 2nd & 15th Of Jan – June

Dates : 2nd & 15th Of Aug- Dec

3 Days : $250, Rs 16,000/-

5 Days : $550, Rs 32,000/-

yoga on the banks of ganges

Delhi – Meditate with ancient past

Location : Delhi

Dates : 2nd & 15th Of Jan – June

Dates : 2nd & 15th Of Aug- Dec

3 Days : $250, Rs 16,000/-

5 Days : $550, Rs 32,000/-


Mukteshwar: The Himalaya

Location : Mukteshwar

Dates : 2nd & 15th Of Jan – June

Dates : 2nd & 15th Of Aug- Dec

3 Days : $250, Rs 16,000/-

5 Days : $550, Rs 32,000/-

Exclusions.  Airfare and transportation to the place of Retreat. At an extra cost, we can arrange a taxi to be picked up from the nearest airport to Retreat site.



Meditation For Health & Vitality


Yoga and Meditation Retreat :

Tame the stress. Find Bliss.

Yoga and Meditation is a powerful combination designed to provide you with tools to distress and immerse yourself in meditation practice for 6 days or 10 days Meditation and Yoga Retreat. Suitable for all ages and for all levels. Our strength lies in distilling the essence of ancient yogic wisdom into clear and simple teachings that can be easily understood. We deliver a comprehensive and holistic, hands-on training, that includes Meditation practice techniques, styles and the philosphy behind it. The hallmark antidote for todays lifestyle. Along with it start your yoga practice, learn Mantra chanting and much much more.This immersion in yoga practice, meditation sessions, lifestyle philosophy, a healthy vegetarian diet, , and uplifting teachings is healing. And all of this, in the quaint township of Rishikesh, nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, bustling with ancient energy, next to sacred river Ganga is nothing short of enthralling. Tempting, isn’t it?

Kundalini and Chakra Meditation Retreat

What is Kundalini and what are chakras? There are many misconceptions floating amongst people and on the net. We dispel the mystery and make it clear and give you correct information and knowledge with its practice. Incorrect information leads to incorrect practice, which can do harm. Our Kundalini and Chakra Awakening Yogic Retreat, gives you the techniques, by which you can practice it, awaken it, for special powers. We allow you a foray into exactly this – an elevated state of well-being, achieved through understanding and alignment of bodily chakras (which are our system’s energetic gateways). Due to stresses, and toxic environments and imbalanced lifestyles, our Chakras and its potential can get blocked. By correctly practicing, you get to re-align distorted chakras and reawaken them using a number of well-researched techniques, cutting-edge technology and innovative methodologies. The main aim of our course is to help you synchronize the vibrations of each chakra by using color, light, sound, aroma, energy work, crystals & stones, and sacred geometry. Attaining a completely balanced chakra energy system will have a positive impact on all aspects of your life. Only correct practice from right yogi can give you that experience.

Highlights of Our Chakra Meditation Retreats.

Knowledge and Control: You will be offered much insight into the body’s chakra system which influences the maintenance of healthy mind and body. You may use this knowledge and assume charge of your own well-being, further enhancing the quality of your life.

Experience: This course will expose you to a variety of yogic practices and techniques that facilitate balance and free-flow of energy in the body. You will feel the therapeutic effects of such chakra-based healing in a matter of days.

Skill’s Development: With us, your yogic journey will not end with knowledge gain. You will learn new skills, understand your mind and body better and gain the ability to undo the damages that stress, unhealthy lifestyles and modern living has on your being.

Recreation & Fun: At YSI, we like your training to be both invigorating and fun. So we leave you enough time to enjoy your own way, experience local delights and unique Indian practices and also enjoy ashram-style living and food.

Skill & Teaching: We have highly skilled and esteemed yogis and Acharya who specialize in this area will guide you and not let you be misguided.

Kundalin and Chakra Retreat offers…

    • Two Chakra Awakening sessions a day, inclusive of meditation.
    • One Yoga asana class with Pranayama
    • Theory of Chakra and kundalini
    • One Yogic Philosphy class.
    • Three yogic meals, two chai.
    • Good night sleep at a comfortable Ashram setting.
    • Two outings.
    • Gift bag.
    • Mantra chanting.
    • Herbal oil Massages at subsidized cost.

Package Includes :

    • Accommodation for the duration of Retreat. 3, 5, 10, 21 days,
    • 3 Vegetarian Meals each day.
    • Yoga and Meditation class.
    • Meditation theory
    • Anatomy of Meditation.
    • Mantra Chanting
    • meditation caves,
    • Outings on the beaches.
    • Visit to meditation cave
    • and River side ceremonies.



Your  accommodation is for double sharing. Should you decide for single occupancy there is a small additional cost.

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