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Special Spirituality and Philosophy Retreat

Spirituality & Philosophy Retreat

  Spriritual & yoga philosophy Retreat

Yoga Sadhna India offers a special Spiritua and Philosophy Retreat for the serious yogis and scholars who wish to delve into the origins of six Indian philosophies, including the yogic science. Aside from the theory itself, this course helps you understand your own mind, your personality, your samskara and how they shape your outlook on life. It is a veritable guide map for resolving afflictions which may be keeping you away from self-realization and the happiness you deserve. Simply put, our program shows you how to control the force of urges which shape your life.

Outdoor Painting - Yoga & Creativity Retreat in Rishikesh, India

Yoga & Creativity Retreat

Yoga & Creativity Retreat

Yoga Sadhna India’s exclusive Yoga and Creativity Retreat is designed to spur your creative energy. We help you think with your left brain, feel from your heart and create delightful masterpieces. During the course, carefully developed exercises are practiced in order to activate your third eye for creative art visualization. You can cultivate your own signature style for artwork. Our Retreat will guide you through a transformative process of painting and a journey of self-discovery where you learn to trust your intuition and paint from the soul. Combined with our yoga and meditation instructions, you will be able to reach higher realms of inner visualization.