A workshop to Help Others with Yogic Healing

Duration: Three days for 18 hours
Level : Advance
For: Yoga teachers, professionals, physical therapists.
Yoga Therapy is being adopted worldwide to treat different ailments and diseases. It is being utilized as the main therapeutic tool or as an integrative adjunct therapy in alleviating lifestyle related diseases. Hospitals, nursing homes, jails, universities and yoga studios are all incorporating it into their schedules for optimizing health benefits for subjects. Yoga therapy is based on the yogic science and its various elements such as five layers of the human body and its five energy centers (panch koshas and panch pranas). It has been observed that overstimulation of one’s body due to stress, bad habits and toxic environments imbalances our immune and endocrine systems, thus causing many ailments and imbalances. Yoga therapy can reset the body and relieve some of these conditions.

Yoga Sadhna India is introducing short Yoga therapy workshops to teach modules for different ailments. The diseases are categorized by classifications such as eye neck, heart, stomach, urinary, head, fertility, urogenital, metabolic, thyroid, coronary , psychosomatic and alignment issues to name a few. This workshop is suitable for professionals in medical field, physical therapists, yoga teachers and nurses. This workshop enhances your repertoire of skills for helping your patient heal effectively.

Highlights of Yoga Therapy Special Workshop

  • Easy to follow modules for each category of diseases.
  • Practice of each of these modules.
  • Written information and literature is provided.
  • Three session of two hour long a day are delivered.
  • You may choose to stay at a place of your choice nearby and could join classes daily.
  • A holistic environment with quality teachers.
  • Daily yoga classes.
  • Daily Pranayama and Meditation session.

Why Join Us

Participating in our Yoga Therapy Special Workshop will expand the scope of your knowledge and proficiency in curative pursuits. Your professional capabilities will be enhanced and you’ll get new inroads into the science of yogic healing. We will help you help others better.