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Wellness Mantra Yogasadhna India

Simplify the Uncomplicated The life has to lived fully optimally. With many dictate, manuals, inspirations. and many paths to choose from, one has to find what is suitable to one’ own self. Mindful living with positive thinking are some of the simple ways to be adapted to make it beautiful. The yogic science has a […]

Yoga Holiday in Rishikesh

Do Yoga on the banks of Ganges, Water Rafting, spend evenings on the mind altering lamp ceremonies on the Ghats of Ganga. Walk the starry nights in the bazaar or meditate on the cool sand. Eat some local delicacies. Get some Ayurvedic Massages to get your tired body recharge and much more. Come and spend […]

What City In India is The Best to Learn Yoga

Then where should you be headed if you’re a novice or an intermediate yoga enthusiast who wants to learn more in a nice, peaceful environment? Rishikesh a town bustling with yoga and meditation on the banks of river Ganga in the foothills of Himalayas, may be your best bet! Nestling at the foothills of the […]

Off-beat Valentine’s Day Plan – Couple’s Yoga Class

Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate love. No matter how sceptical we might be about the sanctity of this day, and how “silly and annoying and commercialized” the whole affair (pun intended) is, a little bit of us wants to partake in it all. You want to pamper and get pampered. You want to […]

Is Weight Loss with Yoga a Reality

A lot of people will raise their eyebrows to the roof if someone talks about the amazing weight loss benefits of yoga. “No pain, no gain!” is what they’ll say. Yoga is “too passive”, “too gentle” to show any results they’ll tell you. But the truth is, they couldn’t be more wrong if they tried. […]

What is Yogic Food?

People who perform yoga regularly and begin to feel the benefits, soon become complacent about their health. “But I’m already doing yoga and feeling good about myself. I don’t need to alter my diet.” Such an attitude is understandable – a yogi’s mind and body are healthier than that of the average person and they […]