Destination yoga for beginners.

We offer more in this yoga for beginners Retreat. Sightseeing alone is not enough. Our Yoga Getaways are designed to offer you insight into yoga Asana and philosophy and give you knowledge with leisure in an enjoyable, relaxing location. See the complete schedule below. The classes are optional and many to choose from. We whisk you away from your daily stresses and give you an introduction to life’s simple pleasures good vibrant health and happiness and relaxation. Our expert trainers and carefully structured courses meet the needs of all kinds of wanna be yogis – the beginners, the intermediates and advanced practitioners. Rest assured  no matter what your notion of a yoga retreat is, your time at YSI will be the experience of a lifetime – you will go back with Asana knowledge, Recharged and flexible body and many great memories. Holiday Yoga with fun.

Choose gentle yoga retreat with vacation.

Going on a vacation helps you de-stress your mind and unwind in peace. But what if you could take the experience one step further and achieve much more? With our Yoga Retreats, you get the dual benefits of fun-filled indulgences and a wee bit of self-care. You will get to enjoy some much-needed time away from daily commitments in wonderful, lush surroundings where you can easily find your inner-peace. You will be fitter, happier and more enlightened in a matter of few days. And above all, you will get to pursue something different, something new – a yogi’s lifestyle in a uniquely spiritual environment. When you can pamper yourself with so much more at a Yoga Retreat, why settle for a simple vacation?

Highlights  of  Beginners yoga Retreat in Rishikesh , Goa

          • Immersion – You get an introduction into the fascinating world of Yoga and Meditation, yogic philosophy, life style changes, diets, nutrition, mantra chanting, excursions. You can take recourse from the trappings of the external realm and immerse yourself in the wanderings of your inner being. Masters of yoga from the Indian tradition will help you on this journey of self-discovery.
          • Spiritualism – You will learn of ancient philosophies that chart the path to happiness and contentment. They will fascinate, enlighten and heal you. And don’t worry, this wisdom may be age-old but our methodologies are modern – our classes adapt yogic precepts to urban realities, offering you lucid instructions by English-speaking trainers.
          • Relaxation – Our courses leave you enough to have fun and explore the quaint little township of Rishikesh, in the lap of Himalayas, on the banks of sacred river Ganga. Take in the beautiful sceneries, enjoy the exotic birds and wildlife and indulge in local specialties like teas and spices. And if you want a stellar experience of luxurious relaxation, go in for our in-house aromatic massages.
          • Recreation – We guarantee you the most unique experience of Indian culture here. You will get to enjoy the enchanting lamp ceremony on the bank of the Ganges every evening. You can take part in the daily satsangs at YSI and learn some chants, hymns and prayer songs. You can revel in the various sights, smells and memories that the lofty mountains of Rishikesh have to offer.
          • Wisdom: You will be introduced to three styles of yoga and basics of meditation to aid the interaction of mind, body and spirit. If you want, you could take it one step further and balance the learning with health meals, walks by the river and enjoyment of nature.
          • Experience: This course is structured to optimize your pursuit of physical and mental well-being. You will get to distance yourself from the trials and tribulations of ordinary life, and experience inner bliss in a therapeutic, wholesome environment.
          • Skills’ Development: With us, your yogic journey will not end with knowledge gain. You will learn new skills, get an inroad into methodologies of self-improvement and reacquaint yourself with your inner being.
          • Recreation and Fun: At YSI, we like your training to be both invigorating and fun. So we leave you enough time to enjoy your own way, experience local delights and unique Indian practices and also enjoy ashram-style living and food.

Why Join Us

Above are the reasons to compel you to select us and Join our most sought after retreats. Signing up for this Meditation and Yoga Retreat will bring you one-step closer to the goal of self-discovery. You will experience new forms of pleasure, peace and revitalization. As you go back with a bag full of memories, your lifetime membership with the YSI family and access to exclusive blogs and newsletters will also begin. We thus invite you to enjoy the 3 R’s – Rejuvenate, Relax, Recharge – for 5 days and beyond.


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