Yoga Holiday in Rishikesh

Yoga Holiday in Rishikesh

Do Yoga on the banks of Ganges, Water Rafting, spend evenings on the mind altering lamp ceremonies on the Ghats of Ganga. Walk the starry nights in the bazaar or meditate on the cool sand. Eat some local delicacies. Get some Ayurvedic Massages to get your tired body recharge and much more. Come and spend three days with us. The weekend could be customize to your taste and likes. Book to explore further.

Rishikesh has much to offer. Adventure sports, Spiritual journey, Serenity and calming space, River beaches, rejuvenating breeze, local colors, Hiking, Bunjee jumping to name few. A section of city which is by law fully vegetarian. This is for a reason Yoga capitol of the world. The famous scriptures of India, the famous Rishis, who have written many sacred scriptures all originate here or have a link from this soil. Ganga River for Indians is considered a sacred river, where many rituals and rites are performed for its sacred nature. Every hill, each cave and every Ghat has a story to tell. Myths are not made here but are lived here. Here in past Rishis who did there meditation to find the truth of human existence and being dwell here.

White water rafting is exhilarating and is of level 4 from the international standards. Part of the River is deep and partly shallow. Here white sand of the beaches are very inviting. Not to my amazement, the people across world flock here to get deeper in their yoga practice. yoga not only as asana practice but also to learn and practice the real meaning of Yoga and its eight steps, which not many know.

The temples all have an evening prayers and at sun set the valleys and ghats here resonate and echo with temple bells chiming and mantra chanting. The perfumed incenses flows and goes far with a cool breeze flowing and filling your breath with its fragrance. Once visited, people often stay back longer. There is that magic of Rishikesh.

Visit and find for your self and some drop in classes at Yoga Sadhna India Ashram would be a nice place to start.